Hoofprint is working.
Did you enjoy the plane ride?

Yes, because I lived. Yay!

I have arrived at the Inn.

I will go to registration soon.

What's it like ina plaine? (incase you can't tell. i have never been ina plane before)

Small. No cell service.

What is it like on an airplane.

It’s like being in a paper airplane. But more than the tip crumples if you hit something.

But in general, it’s very tiring. I’m usually sleeping on the plane ride.

At the Airport.

My plane leaves in an hour.

I want you to read this fan fic Cutiemark Crusaders non escape artests?

I’ll have somebody else read it and then tell me what it’s about.

Pimp slap

That’s just rude and hurts my feelings.

I list my vote as "Dandere". You post a surprising number of introspective related things. Some might've said Yandere, but the temperament of even your fantasy worlds suggest rather conflict of generating interest than conflict of generating self gratification (even if the two are often the same). Do I win a muffin?

Okie dokie.

When are you leaving Baltimore?

Teusday morning.

I know this one story where sweetiebelle was a closet lebian and had a crush on scoots. She accidentally let it slip that she has a crush on somepony to a homophobic rarity so she said scott instead of scootaloo.

Bah. Scoot Pilgrim is the best Scott.