Hoofprint is working.
HEY I don't sleep in.... I just ignore mornings

Ha ha. 

Kefka is the only villain I know in FF history to actually achieved his goal. I mean he wanted to become a god and destroy the world. Which he did. After that its just the player getting revenge for him kicking their asses off a island. Can you say you did that?

Totally. You just didn’t hear about it since it was a day you slept in. 

To tell you the truth, I have no idea how tumblr works. I just have it on my phone to follow people who make comics. I had no idea hearts and reload were so important I DIDN'T KNOW! . . . . . I- I didn't know...

*Pats* It’s ok Pheminon. You didn’t know, and now you do. 

You should be Kefka. He has the best laugh ever... just don't drink the water.

HA! I’m 100x more evil and terrifying than Kefka is! 

Look further ans look like Midgardzormris also Jörmungandr a nordic serpent a like creature, so.... Thor?


Succubus/inccubus. You lure us in with promise of good things, give a taste of happiness and then rip it away in an instant leaving us a hollow shell of ourselves who just stare in shock at the monstrosity that has happened and feeling a little dirty because we participated in it.

What… Oh come on, I’d at least cuddle first. 

I got nothing. never got around to reading up on mythical creatures :/ If this were just people, however, I'd go with Strelok. Because reasons you may pick up on if you read about him.

The STALKER character? Info on him is sadly very limited on the wiki. 

i think you'd make a good Dracula-esque vampire.

BRILLIANT! I grew a goatee just for that. 

Jesus should be in smite

Yes he should.